Web college


Introduction to modern WEB development, the basis of web programming

About the course:

The course introduces students to the basics of web technologies. The goal of the course is to teach both basic principles and the latest trends in the world of web development. Mastering simultaneously the simple examples from scratch and advanced objects with builder tools, students will learn how to create both simple single-page and advanced multi-page websites with applications.

The course is aimed for students who have never created their own sites and don’t have any knowledge about web programming, but are familiar with the computer at user level.

Already in the first lesson, each student will be able to create their own websites, decorate and place it online on their personal accounts.

Age: 14+

Course covers:

  • General introduction to web technologies, the concept of domain name, hosting and related services.
  • Website developing. Learning how to create websites, development without coding and the basics of the HTML5 and CSS3 code.
  • Close acquaintance with hosting. What is included in hosting, account management and settings, e-mails management etc.
  • Basic skills of self-learning in programming.
  • Creation of advanced web sites and web applications using the Joomla CMS platform and build-in applications. Acquaintance with various applications created as open source.
  • Basics of security in the network and web.

A student needs a computer, as well as interest and a desire to learn. There are no specific requirements for the computer or laptop, it's enough to have Chrome browser (or similar) and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is desirable to have a basic knowledge of English.

Each student is provided with a personal hosting account and a domain name where he can post his work online (for the course period). This will help student to learn and improve skills not only in class but at home and to publish work online on a personal website.

This course will help student to understand whether programming is interesting for you and will provide a basis for further study of web development and admission to the profile faculty.

The course is held at:

Ansaritie 3M4, 00350, Helsinki, Huopalahti 

If you would like to attend course please contact us:

Phone: +358 40 577 2722
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Course starts as soon as we collect group (6-7 students)

Includes 2 lessons per week and 2 hour per lesson

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